Upcoming Episodes

5 Apr 2018

Sean Stephenson:
This amazing thought leader will discuss his disabilities and how he didn't let that affect how he is helping millions around the world.

27 Apr 2018

Dionisios Favatas:
He will tell the story behind the famous and award-winning TRUTH anti-tobacco campaign and its success, as well as their effective marketing efforts.

24 Feb 2018

Scott Levy:
He will provide thorough insight into how social media and (SEO) Search Engine Optimization connect and their impact on your Google search rankings.



Our Tales from the PROS interviewees are thought leaders who join the podcast in fireside chats from all different industries, backgrounds, and circumstances telling their inspirational journeys and stories.

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David Gardner

Founder of Cofounders Capital

Fernando Manuel Carrera Cival

Co-founder of Turpial Development

Hashem Al-ghaili

Science Communicator and Influencer

James Avery

CEO of Adzerk

Jay Baer

President of Convince and Convert


Global Renowned DJ and Founder of Positronic

Jim Anthony

CEO of Colliers International Raleigh

Jim Tobin

CEO of Ignite Social Media

Justin Miller

CEO of Wedpics (Just Sold)

Katy Jones

CMO of FoodLogiQ

Megan Ewoldsen

Founder of Strive with Megan

Michael Brenner

CEO of Marketing Insider Group