Top angel investor David Gardner's take on investing in the best tech startups


  1. Hey Everyone. Welcome to Tales from the PROS. This is Michael Georgiou, your host and Co-founder of Imaginovation.
  2. Introduce the interviewee's name, where they work, and what their company does:
"We have a very special guest here today, who is well known tech startup investor, successful serial entrepreneur and the Founder and Managing Partner of Cofounders Capital, which is a free startup accelerator and early stage seed fund focused on B2B software ventures in the Triangle. "Welcome David, it's an honor having you here today"
Specific Questions for the person being interviewed:
  1. David, tell us how you got into the investment game, specifically just in B2B technology and what lead you to start Cofounders Capital?
  2. When you were younger, did you always see yourself starting various companies and selling them or did it happen very randomly?
  3. From your experience investing in numerous promising startups such as FilterEasy, can you explain the process of what it takes for a startup to receive a round of funding? Do you think it's all about timing and proof of concept?
  4. What are the things investors such as yourself look for when hearing a pitch?
  5. Do you think it's smart to always have some sort of exit strategy when building a company or is it smart to grow it into a long-term brand?
  6. What tips would you give to current and future entrepreneurs in preparing them to receive funding and what they need to avoid?
  7. You obviously understand the tech is booming, what technology trends do you see emerging and which ones do you see dying?
  8. Any future plans Cofounders Capital?
High Level Questions (Broad):
  1. IF you can explain, what struggles did you face while building your companies, and how did you overcome them?
  2. What are the biggest challenges you have had to deal with growth the companies you've started?
  3. What advice or tips would you give future entrepreneurs on how to succeed?
  4. What character traits would you consider the most important in being a successful business leader and entrepreneur? (Passion, drive, work ethic, perseverance, etc.)
  5. Do you feel that entrepreneurship is getting harder in our economy?
  1. I always ask the THREE HOW'S:
    1. How do you define failure?
    2. How do you define entrepreneurship?
    3. How do you define success?
  2. Thank the interviewee for their time for being on the podcast
  3. Where can everyone find you?
  4. Thank you everyone for listening, and until next time.