Upcoming Episodes

5 May 2021

Kelsey Raymond - Co-founder and CEO of Influence & Co.

12 May 2021

David Meltzer - Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur



Our Tales from the PROS interviewees are thought leaders who join the podcast in fireside chats from all different industries, backgrounds, and circumstances telling their inspirational journeys and stories.

Everyone that has been on the show and will be on the show takes time out of their busy schedule to chat with me and share their stories and knowledge with the world. I cannot express my gratitude towards everyone being a part of this amazing journey, and even all my fans, clients, friends, and family that support this podcast, I am truly grateful and beyond blessed.

I hope you all enjoy each and every episode! THANK YOU!


Kelsey Raymond

Co-founder and CEO of Influence & Co.

Norman Crowley

Founder and CEO of Crowley Carbon

Jackie Hermes

Founder & CEO of Accelity

Tara Hunt

Author, Speaker, and CEO of Truly

Brandon Steiner

Founder & President of The Steiner Agency and CollectibleXchange

Shanee Moret

Founder of Growth Academy

Brian Schulman

Founder & CEO Voice Your Vibe

David Brier

Google's #1 Rebranding Expert, Best-selling Author, Speaker

Rand Fishkin

Co-Founder of SparkToro

Heather Monahan

Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Founder of Boss In Heels

Joe Pulizzi

Best-selling Author, Entrepreneur, Podcaster, and Content Marketing Evangelist

Sean Stephenson

Global speaker and Thought Leader