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3 Apr 2019

Episode 31 - Junior and Emily Alabi - America's Got Talent Salsa Duo Prove That Anything Is Possible

10 Apr 2019

Episode 32 - Bobby Umar - Every Person Has A Story, Purpose & Legacy by Bobby Umar



Our Tales from the PROS interviewees are thought leaders who join the podcast in fireside chats from all different industries, backgrounds, and circumstances telling their inspirational journeys and stories.

Everyone that has been on the show and will be on the show takes time out of their busy schedule to chat with me and share their stories and knowledge with the world. I cannot express my gratitude towards everyone being a part of this amazing journey, and even all my fans, clients, friends, and family that support this podcast, I am truly grateful and beyond blessed.

I hope you all enjoy each and every episode! THANK YOU!


Fernando Manuel Carrera Cival

Co-founder of Turpial Development

Jim Anthony

CEO of Colliers International Raleigh

David Gardner

Founder of Cofounders Capital

Katy Jones

CMO of FoodLogiQ

James Avery

CEO of Adzerk

Monica Wood

CEO and Co-founder of Myxx, Inc.

Bill Harper

CEO of wmHarper

Sahaj Kothari

Founder of Ensere

Michaela Alexis

LinkedIn Content Creator

Matthew Bergens

Founder of BailaCura

Fabio Marrama

LinkedIn Micro-Influencer

Dewayne Beamon

Professional Boxer