Understanding the Market and Setting Your Product for Success

Episode 70

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In today’s episode of Tales from the PROS, I talk with Marwan Forzley, who is CEO of Veem.com, a next-generation global B2B payment network that enables a quick and secure way of sending and receiving money. Since its founding in 2014, Veem is backed by Goldman Sachs, Google Ventures, Silicon Valley Bank, and many many others.

In addition, Marwan is an innovator, visionary and enjoys launching new products in domestic as well as international markets through disruptive tech and global strategies. He is the author of “Small Business in a Big World: A Comprehensive Guide to Doing International Business”.

In this episode, we talk about Marwan’s journey to entrepreneurship and his experience of building a global payment network such as Veem. We talk about how Marwan spotted the gap between SMB and their payment problems, and how Veem disrupted the global payment space.

Don’t Miss:
1. How did Marwan came up with the idea of ‘Veem’ - 4:15
2. What sets a business on the path of success - 17:00
3. What it takes to be a strong business leader - 28:15

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Topics We Discuss:
1. Marwan’s inspiring story of how he got to where he is today
2. Marwan talks about how to establish a market fit for a product or service
3. The key factors that set a business for success, from startup to an operating and scaling company
4. Some struggles and obstacles that Veem faced and how you overcame them
5. The future of payment systems and technology
6. Thoughts and advice on how to be a strong business leader
7. Marwan defines his story in ”one-word”

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