Bootstrapping A Business: How to Turn Your Passion into A Successful Startup?


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In this episode of Tales from the PROS, I talk with Jackie Hermes, a successful entrepreneur, speaker, investor, and founder & CEO of Accelity, a B2B Inbound Marketing Agency.

She is also a LinkedIn thought leader hovering over 70,000 followers, a women's entrepreneurship advocate, and content creator. She has delivered keynote speeches and conference presentations at industry events, both in-person and virtually.

In this episode, Jackie talks about her entrepreneurial journey, marketing experience, and critical business insights.

Don't Miss:
1. Jackie's professional journey before starting the company - 06:40
2. How Jackie turned her side-hustle into a company - 13:20
3. How to build trust and win more business - 24:14

Topics We Discuss:
1. Jackie's inspiring story of how she got to where she is today
2. How to bootstrap a business and turn a passion or idea into a successful operating business
3. The positive impact that LinkedIn has created for Jackie in regards to relationship building and lead generation
4. Why inbound marketing is the most powerful marketing strategy and how businesses should build it
5. Some problems and struggles she overcame during her career
6. Jackie defines her story in "one-word."

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