Using Data to Overcome the Challenges of Growing A Company

Episode 69

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In today's episode of Tales from the PROS, I talk with Dan McGaw, who is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker and CEO of, an analytics and marketing technology consultancy, and also the founder of a SaaS platform called

In addition, he also finds time to be a 500 Startups Mentor, and has previously started the first business accelerator in Orlando. He was previously selected to be a United States Ambassador of Entrepreneurship by the United States Department of State.

In this episode, we talk about Dan’s journey to entrepreneurship and his experience of building and growing a tech consultancy. We talk about mistakes businesses make in sales and marketing, and the future of marketing and data.

Don't Miss:
1. What it takes to be an industry leader in marketing space - 7:17
2. Biggest challenges companies face in current times - 13:06
3. KPIs should look for to grow business revenue - 22:10

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Topics We Discuss:
1. Dan’s inspiring story of how he got to where he is today
2. What it takes to be an industry leader like McGaw and
3. The biggest challenges/problems that companies have and how to overcome them
4. Dan talks about some of the most important data metrics to look for in order to grow in revenue
5. The future of marketing and data
6. Thoughts and advice on what it takes to succeed today
7. Dan defines his story in one-word

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