How Companies can Position Their People to Thrive in the Workforce

Episode 62

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In today's episode of Tales from the PROS, I talk with Tim Salau, who is the CEO and Co-founder of Guide. Coming from humble beginnings, he is a business leader on the Future of Work, leadership, and innovation.

Tim is also an accomplished international keynote speaker, and world-renowned global tech leader recognized by global brands such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. He is internationally recognized as Mr. Future of Work.

In this episode, Tim talks about his entrepreneurial journey, shares his experience of building and growing a company, how companies can position their workforce to thrive, and the future of employee training and development.

Don't Miss:
1. Tim’s inspiration to becoming an entrepreneur - 02:51
2. Importance of being adaptive to market changes while running business - 08:42
3. The future of employee training and development - 14:49

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Topics We Discuss: 1. Tim’s inspiring story of how he got to where he is today
2. The inspiration and purpose behind Guide.
3. Tim talks about how companies can position their people to thrive in the workforce
4. The future of learning and development
5. Leveraging and utilizing storytelling within learning and leadership
6. Tim defines his story in one word

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