Shifting the Paradigm of Members-Only Social Clubs

Episode 67

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In today's episode of Tales from the PROS, I talk with Rob Charles, who is the Founder and CEO of Goldfingr, a vetted and exclusive social network of business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, and influential thought leaders working together and supporting one another for the common good and with intention. His expertise is exhibited in a long track record of always executing, being an entrepreneur for over 30 years, and investing for over 18 years. Goldfingr is a modern paradigm of social clubs - a think tank, incubator, and socially conscious business accelerator. They have integrated raising capital, investing, business, the arts, entertainment, and social, adding unbelievable value to their members, with a complete VIP experience In this episode, we talk about Rob’s journey to entrepreneurship, his experience of building and growing a members-only social club, the startup game in today’s digital age and what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Don't Miss:
1. The story of Goldfingr and how it is different from other social platforms - 7:51
2. How pandemic has affected the various forms of communication - 15:33
3. Sectors and companies investors are looking to invest in - 24:55

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Topics We Discuss:
1. Rob’s inspiring story of how he got to where he is today
2. What is Goldfingr? How did the idea for Goldfingr begin?
3. Shifting the paradigm of members-only social clubs
4. Rob’s thoughts and advice on the investment and startup game In today’s digital age
5. What it takes to succeed as a startup and entrepreneur

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