What It Takes For A Company To Become Saas Industry Leader

Episode 66

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In today's episode of Tales from the PROS, I talk with Mike Welsh, who is a veteran leader in sales and revenue growth and has been named CEO of Uptime.com, a leader in website monitoring software He brings more than two decades of sales and revenue leadership experience to Uptime.com, driving growth for numerous public and private software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies, such as Chargify, Rackspace Cloud, and Inspired eLearning.

In this episode, we talk about Mike’s journey to entrepreneurship, his experience of building and growing a SaaS business, overcoming the challenges of running a SaaS company, the future of websites, and how to be a strong leader.

Don't Miss:
1. Mike’s advice to handling the role of CEO the right way - 06:30
2. What are the challenges that SaaS companies encounter - 25:13
3. How to execute your website’s performance check the right way - 36:41

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Topics We Discuss:
1. Mike’s inspiring story of how he got to where he is today
2. What it takes to be a CEO of a growing and thriving company
3. What it takes for a company to be an industry SaaS leader like Uptime
4. The biggest hurdles/problems that SaaS companies have and how to overcome them
5. Mike talks about some of the major problems that website's face today and how to overcome them
6. The future of website monitoring and performance
7. Thoughts and advice on how to be a strong business leader
8. Mike defines his story in "one-word"

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