Giving Back With Good Intentions Can Lead To Greatness


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In this episode of Tales from the PROS, I chat with John Rampton who was recently named #2 on the Top 50 Online Influencers in the World by Entrepreneur Magazine. Time Magazine recognized this serial entrepreneur as a motivational speaker that helps people find a "Sense of Meaning" in their lives. He is also the Founder and CEO of Calendar. We talk about John's story of how he overcame adversity, which allowed him to find his purpose, build valuable expertise in digital marketing, and executing them to a very high level of success. Additionally, we talk about storytelling, giving back, and much more.

  1. Me and you have spoken a few times, advising and helping each other out. Learning more about you, has been inspiring. Especially about how you broke your leg and the doctors said you won’t be able to walk again. Tell us a little more about that story and how that obstacle helped you.
  2. How did you find your passion for online marketing and what were some of the things you did to create amazing business opportunities?
  3. In your experience with marketing and helping startups and companies for so long, what do you see as their biggest challenges they have in common on marketing or business perspective, and what guidance or advice do you give to help them?
  4. We know that personal branding is hugely in trend, but when do you feel it’s necessary to brand yourself alongside running a business? Like do you feel it’s important to connect what you’re company does with how you want to brand yourself or can they be totally different objectives?
  5. Any advice, tips, or strategies on how to market yourself or your brand in today’s competitive digital age?
  6. Do you feel leveraging and using your story for either your business or personal is vital in selling and marketing today?
  7. What’s your approach to giving and helping others, and do you feel it always comes back 10 fold or do you believe in always giving with no expectations to receive?
  8. Tell us a little more about your current product and its future.

Three How's:
  1. How do you define failure?
  2. How do you define your story in one sentence and in one word?
  3. How do you define success?