Fabio Marrama shares his expert insight on how to become a LinkedIn Micro-Influencer


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On this episode of Tales from the PROS, I chat with Fabio Marrama, who is considered one of the top young up-and-coming business professionals in Southern Ontario, Canada, and has won the Top 40 Under 40 Business Achievement Award in Hamilton as one of the top business professionals in the region. Fabio is also a leading marketing consultant, brand and community builder, and LinkedIn strategist with over 5 million posts views and has been mentioned in top publications like Forbes and TheSpec. He continues to help professionals and leaders create more influence on LinkedIn to grow their business, establish their personal brand, and generate new leads. We talk about his hustle and journey to becoming a young business leader in Canada and how he grows to influence others and local communities. In addition, we discuss his proven steps and strategies to creating amazing content on LinkedIn, how to gain a large reach and influence on the platform to generate impact, and much more.

Questions Asked: 
  1. Fabio, what caught my attention before asking you to interview on Tales from the PROS is I saw that you interviewed the amazing Jay Shetty. Talk to me about that experience. How did you get his attention?
  2. What inspired you to become a leader in Canada regarding business and marketing?
  3. I love how you have a full-time job at a Credit Union, but yet have your side hustles in becoming a LinkedIn influencer, speaking, and building and influencing a community. How do you manage all that time?
  4. As we all know that your heavily engaged on LinkedIn and reaching millions of people, how did your LinkedIn influencer journey start?
  5. At the end of the day, most of us want to help and inspire others, so can you provide any thoughts, processes, or tips on what worked for you in terms of reaching so many people, connecting with them, and building an online community?
  6. Do you feel that LinkedIn encourages more quantity in terms of content or more quality with purpose? Sometimes I hear both from different people.
  7. In your experience, do you think all social platforms are getting harder to not be a needle in a haystack in terms of standing out and receiving engagement?
  8. Where do you think social media is headed, primarily LinkedIn?
  9. I know you speak lots about leadership and building community, what tips can you give future and even current business leaders on how to be a leader?
Three How's:
  1. How do you define failure?
  2. How do you define entrepreneurship?
  3. How do you define success?