The Road to a Boxing World Title with Dewayne Beamon


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In this episode of Tales from the PROS, I chat with Dewayne Beamon, who is a super flyweight professional boxer with a record of 16-1-1,11 knockouts, 6 titles, and two international titles, he is also voted twice for 2018 prospect of the year, and has recently signed with highly respected promotional group known as Zanfer Promotions who is run by highly respected Fernando Beltran. He has defeated all odds against him by joining the boxing game at age 23 and easily beating well known boxing contenders. We discuss Dewayne's journey on how he became a hugely talked about boxing prospect in the game, his struggles, and some of his achievements. Dewayne also dives into the business of boxing, his training, being a leader in his niche, and much more. 

  Questions Asked:
    1. So, Dewayne I have known you now for over 4 years as me and you used to train in the same boxing gyms in Raleigh. Tell everyone your story of how you joined the boxing game and came into it in your early to mid-20s?
    2. I know you had a boxing promotional company known as Stop Running Promotions when you were boxing in North Carolina, but you have made huge career switch last year, so tell me what happened before you made the transition to head to the west coast?
    3. Tell me more about your opinion of North Carolina boxing and how it's different from other states?
    4. Based on all your experience fighting and in business at the same time, do you feel that the business of boxing is corrupted?
    5. Would you ever want to jump back into the business of boxing down the road or just focus on fighting?
    6. What do you do to really prepare for some of the tough fights and how difficult is the training?
    7. What is Dewayne Beamon's plan to fight on HBO and what will it take to get there? Because it seems you are getting very close to achieving this goal and fighting for a world title.
    8. What does the future look like for Dewayne Beamon?
    9. Do you have any tips to give future boxers and entrepreneurs joining the sports industry?
    10. From initially joining the boxing game until now, what were some of your toughest struggles you had to go through and how did you overcome them?

    Three How's:
    1. How do you define failure?
    2. How do you define entrepreneurship?
    3. How do you define success?