Podcasting With Authenticity and Storytelling Opened The Doors To A New Life with Daniel Gefen


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In this episode of Tales from the PROS, I chat with Daniel Gefen, who is a bestselling author and top rated podcast host with over 250,000 downloads, having interviewed over 150 influential leaders such as Neil Patel, Russel Brunson, Tom Bilyeu, and JP Sears. He has also interviewed Billionaires, Bestselling Authors and World Class Athletes, featured in major publications including Forbes, Inc and been a guest on over 60 podcasts. We talk about why Daniel got into podcasting and how it changed his life as well as opened new bright influential opportunities. We also discuss what makes a good podcast, some amazing business leaders he has spoken with and the advice they've given, and much more.

Questions Asked:
  1. Daniel, so what got you into podcasting? Give us a little background and your story.
  2. How did podcasting lead you to new opportunities such as starting other businesses, speaking, being an author, and so on?
  3. Did you see a need or trend in the market to start your own podcast? We all know now that podcasts are incredibly powerful, especially when interviewing others.
  4. Who were some of the most well know authority figures you interviewed and what were some of their best business advice or advice about life in general?
  5. For other podcasters out there, what are some of your most important tips or strategies for growing your audience, and also reaching out to get top interviewees on your show?

Three How's:
  1. How do you define failure?
  2. How do you define entrepreneurship?
  3. How do you define success?