How To Communicate Your Worth and Value in Business


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In this episode of Tales from the PROS, I chat with Chris Do, who is an Emmy award-winning director, designer, strategist and educator. He’s the Chief Strategist and CEO of Blind, executive producer of The Skool, and the Founder of The Futur, which is an online education platform that teaches the business of design to creative thinkers. We talk about Chris's journey to building an award-winning design agency and gives his insight on how to grow and scale in business. Chris also discusses how to define and communicate your personal and business true value to your customers, and much more.

  1. Chris, how did you start your design agency Blind, and The Futur? Tell us your story of how you got to where you are today.
  2. In your experience, what does it take to grow, scale, and maintain an agency? Any good tips and processes that worked for you?
  3. Your design and consultancy agency being in a saturated space, what did it take for you to win over these larger brands?
  4. At what point in time at your agency and in your career, how did you find your true worth and value?
  5. I love your content on pricing, specifically value-based pricing, and I know many companies and people struggle with this concept, can you explain that further?
  6. Another pricing question because I love your take on it, how do you respond to low budget clients?
  7. How do you respond when clients say you're too expensive?
  8. What did you unlock your full potential?

Three How's:
  1. How do you overcome obstacles?
  2. How do you create value?
  3. How do you define success?