Building, Growing and Leading A SaaS Company Through Tough Situations


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In today's episode of Tales from the PROS, I talk with Beerud Sheth, who is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and Founder and CEO of Gupshup, the world's leading messaging and bot platform. It is used by over 30K+ developers that handle nearly 4 billion messages per month. 

Gupshup also developed Teamchat, a smart messaging app that introduced structured templates to messaging. Beerud also founded and led Elance, the pioneer of online freelancing and which is now known as UpWork and is a publicly traded company.

In this episode, Beerud talks about his entrepreneurial journey, shares his experiences and challenges of building and scaling a SaaS company, how to acquire VC funding and what he is up to these days.


Don't Miss:

  1. Beerud’s inspiration behind growing a startup to publicly-traded company - 05:13

  2. How to scale a SaaS company - 19:15  

  3. Overcoming the struggles of running a SaaS company - 29:25


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Topics We Discuss:

  1. Beerud's inspiring story of how he got to where he is today

  2. How Beerud grew eLance (UpWork) and why he started Gupshup

  3. Beerud talks about what it’s like growing a SaaS company with some of the challenges and successes he’s had in scaling

  4. What it’s like to acquire VC funding with its pros and cons

  5. He describes his thoughts and advice on how to truly succeed as an entrepreneur

  6. The common difficulties that entrepreneurs and business owners are going through and how to overcome them

  7. Beerud defines his story in “one-word.”


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